C is for Casa Bonita {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

Continuing on with our travel through the alphabet, I decided to feature a quirky but historic Mexican restaurant that we like to visit whenever we’re in the Denver, Colorado area, Casa Bonita.


This restaurant and entertainment center has operated in the same location for over 40 years and is well known in the area for features like Black Bart’s Secret Hideout, the diving pool, and the game area.


Black Bart

We were first introduced to Casa Bonita by a friend of our daughters from Denver. He insisted this was a place everyone has to visit at least once and that it is a terrific place for families so not only enjoy a meal but also enjoy the afternoon or evening.


We’ve been visiting for several years as you can see by EJ’s picture here at a much younger age

I can remember us lining up outside the building on a Saturday night as the queue wound around and through the rocks and desert decor of the entryway. After that first visit, we have learned to time our meals there to times that are a bit less busy 🙂


Entertainment Schedule

Between gunfights, dive shows, and mariachi bands, there is no shortage of things to keep both adults and kids busy and entertained. From that very first visit, EJ has loved to drag various family members through the caves behind the waterfalls and up past the gift shop to the arcade games at the back where he can win tickets to use toward prizes. It really is quite a fun place for kids (and fun-loving grown-ups alike)!


Treasure chests and sea life, what could be better

So now that I have talked about all of the fun things to do at Casa Bonita I should let you know about the meals. While this isn’t fancy food by any stretch of the imagination, it is good and filling. The guys generally become fans as soon as they realize there is an all-you-can-eat option for kids and adults. Even if you simply order a platter it comes complete with chips, queso, salsa, and sopaipillas with honey (and who can resist those sweet crispy pillows dripping with local honey from nearby Boulder).

There is a little flag system that guests use to let servers know they would like additional items delivered to their table, nice and quick.


You can enjoy the band as you enjoy your meal

Yes, there are a lot of reasons our family likes to visit Denver and Casa Bonita has certainly become one of those reasons. Even on summer weekends when our wait is quite long, the fun we have inside is worth it.

Even though we had never heard of Casa Bonita before this first visit, I returned home to find that several of my co-workers had from the TV program South Park. (It seems that several of my younger co-workers had watched it so on a return visit I made sure to take this photo of a character from the show.)


We enjoy our visits and meals at this historical landmark (this was made official by the Lakewood Historical Society on March 20, 2015) and think your family would too. It’s a great place to add to your list for your next visit to Denver.


In closing, I’ll leave you with this video I found on YouTube that does a good job of explaining and showing the real Casa Bonita and taking you on a tour.

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3 thoughts on “C is for Casa Bonita {Blogging Through the Alphabet}”

  1. Dawn says:

    Sounds yummy and fun! We always like restaurants that work for the whole family!

  2. Lori says:

    What a fun place! I’ll have to let my brother hear about it since he didn’t take us when he lived up there! I have another brother that lives not too far away so I’ll let him know also in case he is ever up that way and looking for a good, fun place. It looks like a great place to go!

  3. looks like a fantastic place. live music while you eat… a lovely thing that! 🙂

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