An (almost) Perfect Mother’s Day

My husband knows me well. I guess after 35 years of marriage that should be a given but…well…ok maybe not. He understands I have a weakness for all things French; wine, perfume, pastries, you get the picture. So for Mother’s Day he decided we should have a late lunch at one of my favorite spots at Epcot, Les Chefs du France.
Now I have to admit I do miss having little Chef Remi come visit at your table but the food didn’t disappoint. Our prix fixe meal began with a huge bowl of French Onion Soup. Hubby said he thought there was an inch of cheese on his crock, always a plus in his mind. It was served nice and hot with a warm baguette and could have been a meal in itself.

Chef Remi visiting our table during our last meal at Les Chefs du France

One of the nice things about this restaurant is their service. We have come twice with our grandson, EJ, and the waitstaff has been friendly and patient with him as he tries to read the French names on the children’s menu (there are descriptions in English as well.) They served his pasta with ham and cheese just the way he likes it with each topping in a separate little dish (does anyone remember the TV program Monk? That is our grandson when it comes to different foods touching.) They also serve his meal with our soup course so he doesn’t have to sit with an empty placemat and watch us enjoy our food.

Back to our meal. Hubby and I both chose the braised short rib with pearl onions and carrots. The menu says it is served on a bed of polenta but ours came with it on the side. I suppose it suits more tastes that way. Still a nice presentation  and absolutely delicious. I have to warn you, the portion sizes are very generous so be wary when you order.

Braised Short Rib

Our meal included a choice of any of their dessert offerings. I chose the creme brulee (my favorite as anyone who knows me can tell you) and hubby chose the chocolate filled swan cream puff so he could share with EJ who quickly attacked the creamy chocolate ice cream and left the fancy pastry for his papa to eat.

Chocolate Swan

My creme brulee was delicious as always. Served with a garnish of fresh berries and cream. The perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

Creme Brulee

The only thing that could have made this Mother’s Day more perfect was having our daughters here to share it with us.

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