2017 Guide to Visiting the Disneyland Resort with Young Kids (and still having a great time!) – Review

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The first thing you’ll notice about the 2017 Guide to Visiting the Disneyland Resort with Young Kids is how well it’s laid out. Perfect for the first time Disneyland visitor but also handy as a reference and checklist for those of us who may be visiting with littles for the first time after a long break (ok, yes, grandparents like me!)
Having just returned from a visit to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) I can assure you that Megan and Kris have done a terrific job of covering all the important stuff as well as including tips and tricks that will help make your family’s first (or tenth) visit run as smooth as silk. (Well, maybe not that smooth but at least the meltdowns may be kept to a minimum-adults included!)
Sharing knowledge they have gained over almost ten years of visiting the parks, Megan and Kris break their advice up into manageable pieces; before your visit, during your visit, and also for leaving the park at the end of your day. On top of this, they have included an appendix filled with even more good stuff. I found the info on individual rides very helpful – did you know there is no rider control of the spinning on Francis’s Ladybug Boogie – good to know before the family member who DOES NOT do well with spinning climbs aboard! Knowing which rides have height restrictions and offer Rider Switch can help in planning your day so the big kids (parents included) have a chance to get on their favorite attractions and don’t feel the entire visit has been ruled over by the littles.
Sections on what to bring, feeding kids (including a list of popular foods and the quick service spots where you can find them,) the best bathrooms for families, how to get in (and out) of parking areas with minimal frustration and many more, will answer pretty much any question you may have about your young family’s upcoming visit.
Megan made sure to include helpful tips for those of us traveling with the tiniest of family members (our new grandson is just 12-weeks-old as I write this.) She covers the park’s Baby Care Centers, although she didn’t use them much herself, (we used them a lot when our girls were young) and provides tips on baby wearing and nursing during your visit. You will also find advice on choosing the best stroller, diaper bag and baby carrier for your trip; including a tip on how to identify your stroller among a cast of thousands in the stroller parking area!
Throughout this guide, there are references to Kris and Megan’s “Go Mouse Scouts” podcasts that provide additional information for that section. This adds to the friendly feeling of this offering; more a conversation with a friend than the typical travel guide. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to take my advice from folks I can relate to and who, very obviously, know the parks inside and out.

Available in Kindle Mobi and Apple iBooks, the 2017 Guide to Visiting the Disneyland Resort with Young Kids is a definite favorite in our family. I give it a big thumbs up for anyone planning their next Disney vacation with kids.

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