Why You Should Attend a Nerdist Movie Marathon at El Capitan Theatre

As quickly as the much-anticipated announcement of the Captain America Marathon was posted, the tickets were sold out to diehard fans.This was a repeat of the extremely popular Star Wars Marathon in December and I can understand why. Nerdist and the El Capitan Theatre do a terrific job of making the events special. Not only do you get to share a theatre with hundreds of other fans who are as eager as you to see the latest film, you have the opportunity to hear from special guests throughout the event. Sadly, we’ll be in Florida in May so didn’t even try to get tickets this time (well not sadly really, I love Florida and we’ll be spending a lot of time at Epcot Flower and Garden while we’re there.)

Billboards on Hollywood Boulevard

Hubby and I were fortunate enough to get tickets for the Star Wars Marathon (thanks to a very determined daughter who managed to get onto the website) and had a terrific time. As we arrived, we were greeted by a variety of Star Wars character costumed guests (the little BB-8 was awesome!) lined up along Hollywood Boulevard, and this more than two hours before the first show. The tents and trucks set up along the street for another movie premier added to the excitement.

Arriving at the El Capitan Theatre

It took quite a while to get through the line to pick up our packages and go through bag check but once we were in the theatre we were able to claim our first snack, a themed bucket of popcorn and soft drink. This was only one of many treats throughout the event. As night turned into day, we enjoyed a cereal bar (not a bar like you carry in your pocket, a bar serving General Mills cereal in bowls with milk), bags of Chex Mix, hot dogs and chips, Subway sandwiches, and my personal favourite, Ghirardelli ice cream. They even handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste, a nice treat after being up all night.

Our packages also contained commemorative tickets, lanyards, limited edition pins, comic books and a ticket to see a future viewing of The Force Awakens at a later date.

Before the first movie and between all the rest we were entertained by the folks from Nerdist with prize draws and special guests. I have to say, I was pretty excited when Bill Dee Williams, aka Lando Calrissian, walked by our seats. I mean really, what woman can resist that voice, not to mention those big brown eyes. He’s older now but aren’t we all?

Billy Dee Williams aka Lando Calrissian

On top of all the prizes, snacks, meals, goodies, and guests, there was an amazing atmosphere in the historic old theatre. Disney has done a marvelous job of creating a very special place, restoring the 1926 National Historic Site to its original glory. They even installed a vintage Wurlitzer organ, originally from the World Famous San Francisco Fox Theatre, that House Organist Rob Richards plays to the delight of theatregoers. Add to this a theatre packed with Star Wars fans who oohed, aahed, cheered, and jeered at all the right places, and you have a not to be missed event.

I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie to come out!

The Mighty Wurlitzer being played by organist Rob Richards

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