R is for Rocky Roads Travel Mix {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

There is nothing like cruising down the road with the windows rolled down and a warm breeze blowing through your hair. Your favorite tunes playing on the radio and the sunshine warming your arm as it lays along your driver’s door…wait…what warm breezes? Fall is totally creeping into the air and the tunes coming from the radio are likely whatever your kids have added to your Google playlist.

So back to reality, tummies are beginning to rumble and passengers big and small are looking for a snack. Something sweet? Something salty? How about something a little Rocky Road and delicious?!

There are a ton of options on the market for munchie mixes but it’s fun and easy to put something together yourself. And an easy project for the kids to help out with.

Now, when I think of Rocky Road I think of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows. Of course, because you are making it from scratch it’s super easy to personalize it for your family.

I like to call our’s Rocky Roads Travel Mix since we often take the road less traveled and that means we will likely hit a number of them that are graveled and rocky.


Hmmm…it appears some gummy frogs hopped into our mix from the last pond we passed

Rocky Roads Travel Mix

Ingredients for Basic Mix

3 cups Multi-Grain Cheerios (or another variety if you prefer)

2 cups mini marshmallows

2 cups assorted nuts (choose your favorites) – we like to use half sweet and half salty

1 1/2 cups Oreo Minis (or another chocolate cookie/candy that you enjoy)

1 cup candy-coated chocolate (we like M&Ms, all varieties, Reece’s pieces (not chocolate but nutty), or any other you like)

2-3 cups of popcorn (my hubby likes popcorn in everything!)


Add all the basic ingredients into a bowl or large zip lock bag. Mix gently but well.


Now the fun begins.

We like to change up our mix by the season and by everyone’s favorite ingredients. I find a visit to the local bulk food store before we head off on a road trip can be a super way to save some money and create a travel mix that is at least a bit healthy and everyone can enjoy!

Another fun option is to give each person their own container of basic mix and let them personalize it to their own liking.

Here are a few ideas:


Candy corn and tiny pumpkins are fun for fall


Gummy worms – EJ added them because you find them on the side of the road


Real fruit berry gummies remind us of summertime berry picking


Neon worms because really who doesn’t love neon worms

So there you have it. Our family favorite travel snack – Rocky Roads Travel Mix.

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2 thoughts on “R is for Rocky Roads Travel Mix {Blogging Through the Alphabet}”

  1. Kristen says:

    Might need to try this out ourselves…better than buying the store brand that always has something in it that no one likes.

  2. Lori H says:

    One of my girls enjoys making a trail mix for breakfast. Just grab a container and add a few healthy options. It is always a fun thing to do – making your own variation on trail mix. The rocky road variation looks tasty!

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