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Maybe it’s because I’m Irish…or perhaps it’s because I married a fellow whose family has deep roots in Prince Edward Island…or perhaps I just love potatoes because they are so versatile and inexpensive. Whatever the reason, for the second week in a row I am featuring pomme de terre (if I use their French name they sound fancier don’t they) in my Blogging Through the Alphabet series.

Today’s recipe comes from a little cookbook I picked up on, you guessed it, a visit to the Potato Capital of the U.S., the state of Idaho.


I like to pick up regional cookbooks when we travel. There are so many to be found from local women’s groups, 4H clubs, JC’s, church groups, and Chambers of Commerce. Often they share stories and history of the area as well as their recipes so the books become souvenirs of our visits.

On this particular trip, we decided to take the back roads and make a stop at Mesa Falls in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. It was Every Kid in a Park Day so there were lots of activities going on in the visitor center. I picked up my book in one of the gift shops along the way.


Now I know the picture of the falls doesn’t make you think of lush fields full of row upon row of some of the best potatoes you will find (aside from those delicious ones grown on the Linkletter Farm in PEI) but I promise you there are miles and miles and miles…you get the idea…of potato fields all along I-15 so it isn’t tough to find them.

So, getting back to I is for Idaho and my recipe for this week, I decided to pick one that EJ could help put together and would like to eat so I chose potato pancakes (I know the recipe is tough to read through the picture so I’ll type it out for you.


I think I may have shared with you in the past that EJ is somewhat picky and tends to like what he likes, eating the same thing over and over again (drives his mom crazy) so I let him have free rein over any changes to the recipe to make sure he would give them a try.

First, we gathered the ingredients. Because we were making dinner outdoors, we decided to substitute dehydrated hash brown potatoes for fresh (you can use frozen as well if you have them). We chose old cheddar to add a bit of sharpness to the potatoes since EJ and one of the girls don’t like onions and we didn’t have any leftover ham or peppers on hand (the recipe is delicious as written I just need to plan better for when we make them).


Next, EJ added water to the potatoes and let them rehydrate for 10 – 15 minutes. We got the pan ready while we waited.


Next step was to add the other ingredients to the potatoes. (You’ll note EJ added the eggs straight to the bowl instead of whisking first but they worked fine anyway).


Then he dropped the mixture by tablespoonful into the heated corn oil. (Note: The recipe says to heat the skillet with a thin film of vegetable oil but the picture shows the pancakes frying in about a 1/4 inch so we went with that method, it worked really well.)


EJ is 11 and managed quite well with frying the pancakes (we made sure he didn’t drop them from too high above the pan of course). As you can see he did small batches so they were easier to keep track of as well.


So here you have it, the final product. Crispy, cheezy, and so delicious served with sour cream. They were terrific served with eggs but I’m sure they would go well with burgers as well.

I promised I’d type out the full recipe for you so you don’t have to squint through the picture and here it is.

Idaho Potato Pancakes


2 pounds Idaho Potatoes, peeled

1/2 pound yellow onions

2 large eggs, beaten

4 ounces ham, diced

1/4 cup green onions, diced

3 ounces bell pepper, diced

4 ounces Cheddar cheese, shredded

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

Vegetable oil as needed

Sour cream as needed


Rinse potatoes under cold water. Coarsely grate potatoes and onion using grater or food processor. Place in towel; twist to squeeze out all water. Mix potato and yellow onion with eggs, ham, green onions, bell peppers and cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Heat griddle or non-stick pan with thin film of vegetable oil over medium heat. Drop approximately 2 tablespoons potato pancake mixture onto griddle and flatten with spatula. Fry until golden, flip over and brown other side, about 4 minutes. Drain on paper towels; serve immediately with sour cream. For convenience, frozen hash browns can be substituted for the fresh Idaho Potatoes.

I hope you enjoy this week’s recipe as much as we did!


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  1. Those look really good! I have never had good success trying to make hash brown potatoes or pancakes like this. Maybe I don’t use enough oil. 🙂

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