Blogging Through the Alphabet

I’ve decided to take the plunge and join Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool as one of her co-hosts for the third round of Blogging Through the Alphabet. She and Kirsten had so much fun last round I couldn’t resist.

When Amanda first approached me about joining in I imagined myself staring at a blank screen each week and decided I should follow a theme. As luck would have it, I had been sorting through a stack of well-worn cookbooks that I picked up a used bookstore going out of business sale ($1 for paperbacks, $2 for hardcovers, I couldn’t pass them up!)

With my stack of books acting as my inspiration, I decided on recipes as my theme. This should be fairly simple I thought to myself but then I realized the letter X will be included. That did take me some thinking but then it came to me…I simply had to look in one of my Catholic cookbooks to find the answer. Now I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you ahead of time but I’d love for you to follow along as I follow my A,B,C’s with delicious recipes from family, friends, old books, and our travels.

I’m not the only “newbie” co-host joining Amanda and Kirsten, we have a great group of homeschool moms joining the fun. You can check them out right here!

Hope you will consider joining us. Let me know what you’ll be talking about in the comments so I can drop by and visit you!


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